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Step into the future with the power of automation.

Automate your workflow and become a master of efficiency.

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Stop wasting time with repetitive tasks.

We only use the latest platforms and technologies to guarantee reliability, quality and scalability.

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Some things you can automate.

Not sure what you can automate in your business? Take a look at some of these examples for inspiration.

Customer Support
Automatically create support tickets from social media mentions and form responses.
Project Management
Create Trello boards from email threads, create Clickup tasks based on Github issues, notify the team on slack about new Trello items.
Social Media
Share Wordpress blog posts automatically to Facebook and Twitter, notify the team in slack about social media post performance and comments.
Create new notes based on emails, send daily emails to customers, send personalised emails to new store customers.
Real Estate
Add Facebook enquiries as leads into your CRM, automatically send follow up emails to new leads, notify the team chat about new leads coming into your inbox.
Human Resources
Post jobs across multiple social platforms from one place, schedule interviews based on new leads, download and share CV's to a specific team.

How do we do it?

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1 - Give us some info.

Tell us about your workflow and the headaches you have, these could include:

Tasks you do many times
Things that take up alot of your time daily
Things that frustrate you

2 - Let's get automated!

Kick back, relax and let us take care of the rest.

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Don't take our word for it.

See what our clients are saying about our service.

Wow! I can't believe how seamless our workflow is now. My staff spent so much time sending emails and answering queries that they often missed customers walking through the door. No more!
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Peter Bullock
Founder, The British Shoe Coorperation
My whole business is now connected! I wanted to automate my booking and client training services so I don't have to email my clients constantly. The team managed this with ease. Thanks guys x
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Jessica Bennett
Owner, VeryJessica
Eworx has been a pivotal organisation for the development of our products. The team is very approachable and incredibly easy to work with!I highly recommend the squad!
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Mukhtar Mohamoud
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Our most common asked questions.

How long does the process take?

How long is a piece of string? Lead times can vary depending on how much automation you need. Simple tasks can be completed in only a few days.

Do you make custom software?

As it happens, we do. Our development team have been involved in projects of all shapes and sizes. You need it, we can build it!

How reliable are automations?

Our platform provider boasts a 99.9% reliability rate, ensuring all tasks get done when you need.

What can you automate?

Just about anything! All major processes and applications are supported. Not sure? Ask!

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